3 weeks ago, Eagles President Joe Banner complained about the disproportionate coverage that the Phillies, who were in the World Series en route to a world championship, were receiving from local media compared to the Eagles.

Well, I think it is safe to say that the Weak-les will be getting plenty of coverage now.  Among the possible topics:

  • Another failed season
  • 5 turnovers (so far)
  • With the season on the line, Reid decides to bench the franchise QB he has defended all season and play Kolb in the 2nd half
  • A blocked punt that hits the defender in the chest
  • 6 inches to the end zone on a 2nd down that turns into an NFL record 108 yard INT return by Ed Reed
  • Three defenders can’t tackle Le’Ron McClain, whom they have wrapped up, on a 1 yard TD run

Let’s hope Ed Snider or Paul Holmgren don’t complain about the Flyers or Sixers lack of coverage this week.