Dear Mom: Web 2.0 at Overnight Summer Camp

I have been ignoring this blog, largely because I have been focusing my web 2.0 efforts on Golden Slipper Camp, where I serve as Program Director on a 24/7 basis during the summer.  I have been blogging, podcasting, and twittering for GSC and even bringing campers into the mix.  Check out the fun at the following sites:

Golden Slipper Camp Blog, hosted by Blogger (featuring podcasts as well)
Golden Slipper Camp Podcasts, hosted by
Golden Slipper Camp Photos, hosted by Flickr
Golden Slipper Camp Twitter feed

Check them out, leave your feedback, and enjoy the trip =)

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  1. I’ve been watching the golden slipper camp site for a couple of weeks … looks like so much fun and I am so impressed with how you’ve been working to bring technology into the camp world. Keep it cranking and I hope to read more over the next few weeks.

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