Top 9 Commercial Songs/Jingles

I love absolutely cheesy pop songs. I’m talking about MmmBop (Hanson), Who Let the Dogs Out (Baha Men), Upside Down (A-Teens), and any LFO song.  You know, the kind of pop songs that are played on the radio and receive overwhelming attention for about two weeks, at which point the song becomes uncool and it is laughable to admit you downloaded the song from iTunes (or bought the cassingle, since all of the bands mentioned above had hits well before iTunes entered the music scene).  The thing is, even though the two weeks have passed, I still admit with great pride the love I have for each of the aforementioned cheesy songs (and many more).

This love for cheese extends to commercial songs as well.  I decided to compile my Top 9 List to share with you.  This list only includes songs that were written exclusively for the product, company, or message they are endorsing. Therefore, you will not find songs like Feist’s “1234” (used in commercials for Apple’s iPod) or any of The Beatles’ songs being destroyed in an ad campaign for Target.  Here is the list:

1. Mercenaries 2 Video Game – “Oh No You Didn’t” (be sure to listen to the 2:54 version!)
2. Tootsie Rolls “Whatever It Is I Think I See
3. Toys R Us “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” (there are several version. I chose the 1991 version)
4. Fitness Made Simple’s “Fitness Made Simple” (it even has a funky breakdown at about 3/4 through!)
5. Snickers “A Song of Satisfaction
6. Kit Kat’s “Gimme a Break
7. Mentos “Fresh and Full of Life” (the ones with ignorant action followed by proud display of Mentos)
8. “New Car” or “Pirate Restaurant” or “Dream Girl
9. Pepto Bismol “Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea, Yay! Pepto Bismol!

What are some of your favorite commercial jingles?  What are the cheesy songs you love, but don’t share for whatever reason?

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