LOST Thoughts, “LaFleur”

I watched last night’s LOST episode, “LaFleur” (03/04/09).  I won’t post a recap/summary or any theories because there are enough blogs and websites dedicated to those topics, but here are some of my questions from last night’s episode:

1. Why won’t the “sonic fence” keep Richard and his people out of the compound.  He mentions to Horace that the fence “may keep somethings out, but not him and not his people.”  Do the Hostiles know the code to deactivate its disintegration powers, or is there something special about them?

2. What happens on the island between the 1970’s (which is the current time for Sawyer’s Five and the Oceanic Six) and the present day that results in the death of women giving birth?  Is it because the Losties are in the 1970’s and interfering with the natural progression of events, or is there some other event that happens?

3. Who is Amy and Horace’s son?  Will he grow up to be someone we already know from watching the first four-and-a-half seasons , or is it an insignificant character shown only to signify that Amy gave birth without dying?

That’s all I’ve got for now.  More questions (and hopefully answers) may pop up as I have discussions with my wife and friends, and listen to Preston & Steve’s LOST discussion!

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  1. Given Richard never seems to age, do you think he’s mastered time travel somehow? Perhaps he is able to jump back in time to when the fence did not exist, cross it, then jump forward? A little far fetched, but that’s all I’ve got.

    My best guess with the birthing issue is that we are seeing the Dharma initiative before they figured out much of the time travel stuff, so the island, at this point in time, is moving through time normally, which means fetuses develop normally. However, when the Dharma initiative figures out and starts messing with the time travel track that the island is on, one of the consequences is that fetuses can’t handle it, can’t develop normally and die, killing their mothers, too.

    Or, how’s this for far fetched: the Dharma initiative realizes Ben and the hostiles are going to kill them all and there is nothing they can do about it, so they leave some sort of poison within their neighborhood that affects all of the women and sabotages their abilities to have babies. So, although Ben killed everyone involved with the Dharma initiative, they really got the last word because they, in essence, are causing the hostiles to become “extinct” through their inability to procreate…!

    Here is another question: Why didn’t we see (or did we and I am forgetting) Faraday in the 3-year flash forward? Did he go crazy after the death of Charlotte and run off, or are they just waiting to show us his role later on?

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