The Classroom Management Simulator

Back in the spring, WifeWahoo and I were discussing the upcoming Philly Science Fair. I asked her if the topics will be as interesting as the descriptions, or if they are only interesting to people with science backgrounds. She said the interest should match the descriptions even if you don’t have a science degree. For contrast, I mentioned how an educational conference might be interesting, but that there would be a ceiling to her interest if she attended since she won’t be able to directly relate to classroom management challenges or other aspects of the job.

Then, I started thinking about the kinds of exhibits and activities an educational conference would have, especially if the conference were aimed at non-educators. My favorite idea was  the Classroom Management Simulator. Participants can step in so that kids yell and throw things at them. You would have to process paperwork in the Bureaucratic Reenactment. Try to teach and deal with biohazards while being ignored by maintenance/facilities. Experience the joys of arriving on a Monday to find that the trash has still not emptied. Fight in the Parking Lot Wars, where you try to obtain the optimal parking space that lets you arrive late and leave early. Fighting with colleagues. Not knowing itinerant schedules. Etc.

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